Specialist Security Consultancy Services

World-class security and asset protection experts at your disposal. Helping you operate more securely via risk mitigation and risk management.

Security Consultancy & Advisory Support

Kingdom and its network of partners help your business establish a robust security environment that ensures all your assets remain protected.

Specialist services include;

  • Security Risk Management
  • Operational & Protective Security
  • Crisis Response
  • Education, Training & Awareness
  • Executive Protection/Close Protection

How we work

Our Security Consultancy Services are led by experienced defense personnels. With their expertise, we guarantee a fresh alternative to traditional security management approaches. We don’t just concentrate on your guarding levels and other visible deterrents.

We assess your entire organisation and consider all threat vectors including malicious insiders and outsiders, and can educate your team on careless behaviours which create a risk. We will work with you by:

  • Analysing and identifying your business risks and exposure levels
  • Creating a tailored solution bespoke to your situation
  • Ensuring you have effective monitoring and maintenance in place to be as secure as possible against malicious threats

Kingdom’s Security Consultancy Practice provides an integrated and cost-effective suite of specialist security services that span the full asset protection sphere.

Why You Can Trust Kingdom

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