Home Security Service

As a homeowner or resident of high-value property, you can be under particular threat from burglars, vandals, and intruders. Most importantly, if you have a family residing at the address, then it can be an additional worry, and avoiding a break-in when your family is at home can be of paramount importance. Kingdom India is one of the top home security guard service companies providing high-level private residential security services all over India. Our residential protection services are tailored as per the individual needs of the client. Also, we take time to understand the level of expectations and involvement needed. They provide unrivalled private-based residential and home security guard service and protection from all kinds of potential threats.

Trained Home Security Staff

Our highly-trained home security guards have the necessary license and even law-enforcement experience. They have training in first-aid and provide you with optimum reassurance that you are getting the best protection. Also, our guards undergo an in-house comprehensive training programme at our training academy. So, it makes them fully equipped to handle various residential security threats that can happen at home. Besides the qualification and experience, we recruit people based on the personality and ability to work with the general public. Our home security service guards are personable, polite, discreet, and approachable. So be it children or elders, they feel safe and comfortable with our security staff.

Protective Measures Deployed By Our Home Security Guards

Our home security guards and officers employ many types of approaches for containing, detecting, and neutralizing threats before they happen. Such a level of efficiency is achieved by evaluating studiously the surrounding environment and location.

Residential Patrol Services

We provide mobile home security guard patrol services. A dedicated team would come to your property or house at random times throughout the day and night. They would conduct security checks and patrols. This service contains keyholding and alarm response if needed.